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Unicorn Industries - TTI G34

Introducing this amazing John Wick replica TTI G34 gas blowback gel blaster by Unicorn Industries. Comes complete with a heavy-duty storage carry case filled with all types of treasures from the smash-hit movie series, John Wick. The case can either be used for decorative purposes or utilised as a safe storage container for your G34 with room to store an additional four magazines.

Features metal/nylon internals, nylon polymer frame, CNC aluminium slide, CNC fixed fibre optics front and rear iron sights, carbon fibre slide back plate, CNC outer barrel, 20mm rail system and a 7.3mm aluminium inner barrel. Delivers a consistent muzzle velocity of approximately 250 FPS while using performance green gas and 7.2mm - 7.3mm gel balls.

NOTE: Gas blowback gel blasters require regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent misfire and jamming issues. Regularly apply gun grease and silicone oil to ensure lasting performance and durability. Failure to do so will result in premature wear of parts and ultimately loss of performance. 

Gas blowback magazines operate under extremely low temperatures and can freeze due to repetitive use. It is highly recommended to use the correct green gas suited to weather conditions. It is also advised to cycle between a few magazines when under heavy use. Leaving magazines slightly pressurised with maintenance gas when not in use will help prevent seal leaks. 

Brand Unicorn Industries
Material Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, Metal, Steel, Nylon, Plastic, Rubber
Colour Black, Gold
Weight 740g
Size L: 230mm | W: 160mm | H: 40mm

System Gas Blowback
Velocity +/- 250 FPS
Fire Modes Semi
Gas Type Performance Green Gas
Ammo 7.2mm - 7.3mm Gel Balls

Weight 1,985g
Size L: 280mm | W: 240mm | H: 105mm

1 x TTI G34
1 x TTI Magazine Adapter
1 x G-Series Magazine
1 x TTI Magazine Cap
1 x 7-8mm Gel Ball Pack
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x Product Safety Instructions
5 x Metal Gold Coins
1 x Continental Card
1 x Metal Marker

6 Months Manufacturers Warranty


This product may require an experienced technician to ensure correct fitment and installation, please contact Apex Arms for assistance. Apex Arms is not liable for any damage sustained due to incorrect installation / improper use. Failure to regularly maintain or any attempt at modifying this product will result in the warranty being void. Photos used for illustration purposes only.

Gel blasters have the capacity to cause serious injury or harm. Suitable protective equipment must be worn at all times when handling this product. Never point or fire a gel blaster towards another person or animal.

Please research laws and regulations in your own state regarding ownership of gel blasters prior to purchase. Apex Arms is not responsible nor liable for any damages and or confiscation that may occur due to failure to follow these laws.